Research projects

VALBIO is also involved in several collaborative R&D programmes with recognized research organizations.


Development of recycling phosphorus processes, into a form directly substitutable to phosphate fertilizers. The project is conducted in collaboration with the IRSTEA Rennes, INSA Toulouse, CNRS, LC Toulouse and other private partners.



Regional technology transfer project allowing, the development of a diagnostic tool, the load increase, and the management of anaerobic digestion units. This project is led by the CRITT Génie des Procédés Technologies Environmentales.

THE valorcap PROJECT

The aims of this project are, the evaluation of the synergies between the transformation of food industry waste and agricultural inputs; the recovery of resources by nitrogen transformation into a non-volative form (nitrification); and the phosphorus cristallisation in granular bacterial aggregates. VALORCAP allowed an assessment of the situation of the waste-resources and needs in agricultural inputs in the Midi-Pyrénées region; to implement a laboratory biological aerobic granulation process (LISBP); and to develop a co-treatment process (carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus) on an industrial site in collaboration with VALBIO.
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