Industrial pilot

The implementation of an industrial pilot is required when the effluents to be treated have particular characteristics and the final project requires a significant investment.


In fact, the purpose of an industrial pilot is to test the relevance of an anaerobic digestion solution, and to optimize its design.

The operation of the METHAPACK is supervised by a VALBIO team throughout all tests. Settings and adjustments are made in due course.


  • Semi-industrial size
  • Easy to install (20-feet container)
  • Operation supervised by VALBIO
  • Ability to test several effluents


The mobile treatment unit METHAPACK contains :

  • An air flotation pre-treatment module
  • A buffer tank
  • A recuperation tank
  • A digestor
  • A control room
  • A flare


Once the installation is complete, the VALBIO engineer in charge of commissioning and after-sale service takes over.

His presence ensures :

  • Testing and operation of all equipment
  • Obtention of guaranteed performance
  • Training of operating personnel
  • Operating assistance if necessary


aerobic granular biomass
Industrial pilot of aerobic granular biomass

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