The Directors of VALBIO have 15 years experience in the purification by anaerobic digestion, acquired through the design, construction and commissioning of more than 50 anaerobic digestion units for the food industry.

The VALBIO team dominates all the technologies required for the treatment of industrial and urban effluents :

  • Expertise in the anaerobic digestion of organic matter contained in effluents :

    • pre-treatment and preparation of effluent for a better digestibility
    • optimization of equipment sizing
    • optimization of hydraulic flows inside the digesters
    • optimization of the tri-phasic separation : bacterial sludge / treated effluent / biogas
    • adaptation of existing units to optimize performance
    • technical assistance to operation
  • Design of integrated purification processes :

    • physico-chemical processes
    • aerobic processes : activated sludge / biological discs / reed planted filters
    • minerals treatment (nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium) 
  • Validation in laboratory of methanogenic potential and of retained processes

  • Equipment and control systems engineering

  • Expertise in energy recovery of biogas in customer processes

  • Expertise in energy efficiency

  • Profitability analysis

  • Planning and project management

  • Commissioning and technical assistance

  • Financing and BOT

 VALBIO relies on a network of qualified partners for the construction and installation of equipment.

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