VALBIO is a French engineering company, founded in 2006 whose activity started in the VALGO group, a major player in environmental services.


VALBIO specializes in the design, construction and operation of industrial solutions of treatment and recovery of liquid and solid by-products for :

  • Food Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Urban communities

VALBIO through its shareholders is able to offer customized financing solutions to our clients.


As an expert in anaerobic digestion and purification of effluent, VALBIO develops its own processes, adapting them to the specific problems of each individual client.


Building on its experience in energy efficiency, VALBIO provides global solutions which integrate the recovery of the biogas energy produced by anaerobic digestion in the customer's production processes.


VALBIO guarantees the purification performance of its integrated solutions in accordance with regulatory requirements.


VALBIO, to this day, has delivered and commissioned over a hundred wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), twenty of them by anaerobic digestion in the food industry, first in rank cheese factories and other dairy products companies.


VALBIO exports its technology abroad and has delivered ten "turnkey" anaerobic digestion units in Europe and the American continent.


VALBIO also pursues an active business development in Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Canada and the United States.

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