schéma réacteur méthamix

The waste products are pre-mixed and diluted if necessary, before being directed into the digester. 

Low-speed stirrers on the wall keep the mixture in suspension.


The digester's flexible dome serves both to keep the digester closed and store the biogas produced.


Pumps specially suitable to loaded liquids can transfer the digestate. Depending on the future of this digestate, a phase separation is considered.



anaerobic digester méthamix
Treatment of semi-pasty products

METHAMIX® is an "infinitely miwed" digester with a simple-to-implement system which can produce a continual and regulated flow of biogas from semi-pasty or even solid products, produced by the food industry or agricultural sector.


The long residence time and the rustic character of the process make it an efficient and robust solution, well-suited to the constraints of urban communities as well as the agricultural sector.


  • Conversion of fermentable organic matter up to 80%

  • Gradual ramp-up (2 to 5 months)

  • Optimized operation and maintenance

  • Ability to treat a very wide range of waste products

  • Closed system

  • No chemical reagents consumption

key POINTS OF the process

  • Preparation of incomings

  • Adaptation of pretreatments to the volume and characteristics of each effluent to be treated : mixing tanks, grinding, sanitation


  • Homogenization of the digester

  • Design and selection of stirrers for a continuous mixing and maintaining in suspension the mixture to be digested 


  • Treatment and preparation of the biogas before recovery 


  • Industrial approach in terms of safety and performance


anaerobic digestion unit pargas
GAEC of Pargas (Gers, France)
anaerobic digestion unit lanaud
Lanaud Pole (Haute-Vienne, France)

- Solid waste of food industries
- Agriculture

- Biodegradable waste of urban communities

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