anaerobic digester méthadry
Treatment of solid matter

When the potentiel of products to be digested is mostly solid and sufficiently porous (dryness > 25%), the implementation of a wet solution is not appropriate because the addition of extra water upstream to obtain a wet mixture on the one hand, and the subsequent dehydration of the digestate on the other hand, would result in a significant additional operating costs.


A dry process alternative may be possible, but imposes other constraints :

high residence time, poor conversion efficiency, many manipulations of the product (loading, mixing, removal of bunker silos).


METHADRY® is a mixed technology combining a first stage in which the digestable organic matter is liquified in a dry process, with a second stage of fast, METHACORE® anaerobic digestion.


  • Optimization of the preparation of solid matter by separating the liquefaction step from the anaerobic digestion step.

  • Control and maintenance of the anaerobic digestion settings in optimal conditions

  • Low liquid digestate production

  • Up to 85% conversion efficiency of the biodegradable COD into biomethane

  • Residence time halved compared to a traditional dry process : about 20 days

key POINTS OF the process

  • Transforming heterogeneous incomings into a assimilable, homogenous, and controllable source of carbon

  • Eliminating the inhibition risks associated with acidic pH and high concentrations of short-chain fatty acids

  • Limiting the size of each installation and the associated investment costs


anaerobic digestion unit Valade
Valade facilities (Corrèze, France)

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