schéma réacteur méthacore

The pretreated effluent is directed, with a controlled flow, to the reactor and spread around in the interior.


The internal hydraulic associated with the three-phase separator hold the purifying granules inside the digester.

Output, we obtain two separate streams : the treated effluent and the biogas produced.



anaerobic digester méthacore
Treatment of liquid effluents (international patent)

METHACORE® is a digester operating without supply of oxygen, for the efficient purifying treatment of liquid effluents while producing biogas.


The patented principle of METHACORE® is based on the UASB technology (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) which implements an upflow granular sludge bed.


This type of compact, quick-start digester can cope with very high soluble organic loads.


METHACORE®'s small footprint and the energy savings it generates make it a tool particularly well-suited to the treatment of liquid effluents from the food industry.


  • High purification yield (over 90% on carbon pollution)

  • Very fast start-up, with a ramp-up taking less than a week to reach nominal capacity

  • Biogas production regulated

  • The process copes with very low pH entry levels

  • Low hydraulic residence time (1 to 5 days)

  • Process adapted to seasonal activities

  • Very low reagent consumption

  • Compact and modular process

  • Closed system, no odor pollution

  • Flexible with respect to loads variations

key POINTS OF the process

  • Preparation of incomings (pretreatment)
    Adaptation of pretreatments to the volume and characteristics of each effluent to be treated

  • Control of digester's hydraulic
    Optimization of the contact between the purifying granules and soluble organic matter to be eliminated

  • Separation biogas / treated effluent / granules in suspension
    Efficient and patented three-phase separator

anaerobic digestion unit larzac
Les Bergers du Larzac (Aveyron, France)
anaerobic digestion unit bonitrex
Bonitrex Dairy (Bulgaria)

- Dairies
- Breweries and malt-houses
- Wine industries

- Distilleries

- Confectioneries
- Etc.

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