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digester gsbr
Simultaneous treatment of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus (international patent)

Usual nitrogen and phosphorus treatment methods require large amounts of energy and chemical reagents (aerobic biological nitrification/denitrification and physico-chemical phosphorus removal).


To reduce investment and operating costs, VALBIO developed the GSBR® process, in partnership with the LISBP (Laboratoire d’Ingéniérie des Systèmes Biologiques et des Procédés).


It is an innovative system implementing aerobic granules and eliminating 95% of nitrogen compounds and 94% of phosphate without the addition of chemical reagents.


Any effluents containing a significant organic pollution can be treated with this process.


The purifying biomass is organized into granules, three-dimensional structures composed of exopolymers secreted by bacteria which colonize the habitat which they formed.


The organisms constituying each granule colonize the different concentric layers according to their sensitivity to oxygen. In the periphery of nitrifying species and close to the centre,

Nitrifying species can be found on the edges, while aerobic denitrifying facultative species are found towards the centre.


Due to the density of the granules, concentration of biological matter are very important inside the reactors, from 20 to 40g of volatile dry matter per litre.


The very high settling velocity of the granules (over than 100 metres per hour) is faster than a traditional aerobic floc, which releases the need for an external clarifier, essential in traditional aerobic processes.



  • Reduced oxygen consumption compared to a traditional process

  • Reduction of the reactor volume necessary of a factor of 10 compared to a traditional process

  • No chemical reagents consumption for phosphorus removal

  • No need for a final clarifier thanks to the high settling velocity of the granules

key POINTS OF the process

  • Controlling the size of the granules
    Controlling the reactor hydrodynamics
    Regulating the phosphorus load
  • Optimizing the aeration phases


anaerobic digestion unit beaufort
Union of Producers of Beaufort (France)

- Dairies

- Urban effluents

- Slaughterhouse effluents

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