VALBIO supports its partners throughout the implementation of their project.

At each step, the design and technical department offers tailor-made and cost-efficient solutions.


Feasability studies

Once the specific needs and constraints have been evaluated, VALBIO conducts a feasability study which includes :

  • Pre-design
  • Simple layout of the plant
  • Estimation of initial financial investment
  • Estimation of operating costs
  • Estimation of energy savings recoverable on installation
  • Regulatory constraints for the installation


VALBIO then proposes a second, more detailed study which details :

  • Precise sizing of the installation
  • List of selected equipment
  • Detailed layout of the plant
  • Sale or rental cost of the completed turnkey installation
  • Estimated operating account : consumption and energy savings


Prior to construction, VALBIO conducts a study which includes :

  • Functional description of the installation
  • Detailed description of the equipment
  • Construction plans of the equipment
  • The approval and consultation with suppliers and subcontractors

ADMINISTRATIve assistance

Installing a purification and energy production plant can lead to heavy administrative constraints.


As part of his studies, VALBIO provides administrative assistance in collaboration with independent consultancies specializing in impact studies, water quality legislation, environmental legislation, ATEX, etc.

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