Urban wastewater treatment

VALBIO has designed, constructed and commissioned more than 100 urban aerobic WWTP up to 10 000 population equivalent (PE). VALBIO achievements stand out for their low energy consumption.


VALBIO dominates all technologies to optimize biological treatment solution according to the needs, expectations, land and financial resources of urban communities.

  • Reed planted filters planted (50 to 2 000 PE) : rustic extensive process, low operating costs

  • Biological dics (150 to 2 000 PE) : compact solution with low visual impact, low energy consumption, reduced sludge production

  • Physico-chemical treatment of phosphorus

  • Micro-purification plant (15 to 500 PE)

  • Activated sludge (1 000 to 4 000 PE) 

  • Mobile purification plant in container (100 to 500 PE)

WTTP of nailloux
WWTP of Nailloux Fashion Village (Nailloux, France)

Reed planted filters

Biological discs


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