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The production and bottling of alcoholic beverages results in effluents which are difficult to treat due to their high carbon content. In the wine sector, the seasonality of the production is an additional constraint.


For this type of effluents, VALBIO offers biological treatment solutions which are perfectly adapted to a highly seasonality, consisted of a first anaerobic treatment stage METHACORE® followed by a traditional aerobic finishing stage which allows a very quick and full load start while maintaining a high yield even at 10% of the nominal load.


When traditional aerobic treatment solutions require large energy inputs to operate (important aeration power requirement), the anaerobic digestion allows enough biogas production to maintain the digester temperature (30°C). In addition to these energy savings, there is a very low reagent consumption.


  • Treatment in accordance with the legislation
  • Very compact system (reactor volume divided by 10)
  • Double biological stage process making it flexible enough for fluctuations in organic load
  • Very low sludge production : 10 times less than with a traditional process
  • Power consumption of the treatment unit reduced by a factor of 10; 95% of the load is eliminated without oxygen consumption


  • Very low consumption of chemical reagents, the biological process supports nutrient imbalances
  • Minimized operating time
  • The anaerobic biological process METHACORE® can cope with very acidic effluent (pH<3,5)
  • Mothballing of the anaerobic digester for up to 8 months, without damage on the living matter
anaerobic digestion unit saint sylvestre brewery
Saint-Sylvestre Brewery (Nord, France)

COD : > 25 000 mg/l

N : < 100 mg/l

P : < 80 mg/l

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