The solid organic by-products represent a considerable potential of high energy potential materials.


VALBIO offers an efficient and secure industrial approach to treatment and recovery of organic waste by anaerobic digestion.


Control of the preparation of by-products prior to anaerobic digestion is one of the key point of the high performance of the solution implemented by VALBIO.


VALBIO provides an energy performance guarantee to our clients.


Depending on local needs, biogas can be recovered :

  • in a boiler to produce hot water or steam
  • in a cogeneration engine to produce hot water and electricity

Examples: heating of the farm, nursery farm, public buildings (swimming pool, nursing home, school,...).

agricultural RECOVERY

The resulting digestates can then be spread as nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers.

Depending on the context, VALBIO can offer alternatives to spreading such as dehydration, composting...


Anaerobic digestion, converting controllably the fermentable organic matter into biogas recoverable, allows deodorization of these products before they return to earth.

Only the carbon load is affected by the anaerobic digestion process, and the nitrogen and phosphorus loads remain the same from start to finish of the process.


  • On-site treatment of the products
  • Recovery of agricultural waste into renewable energy
  • Production of a nitrogen and phosphorus amendment without chemical additives
  • Anaerobic digestion multiple incoming
  • Deodorization before spreading
  • Compliance with environmental regulatory requirements


  • Conversion of fermentable organic matter to 80%
  • No chemical reagents consumption
  • Rustic and robust installation requiring only very little maintenance
  • Preparation of incoming : mixing tanks, grinding, sanitation

GAEC of Pargas (Gers, France)

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